There Are Hundreds Of Whitening Options – Which Is Best For You?

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Whitening treatment is a low cost, fast, and easy way to achieve the smile you want, but how do you know which one to choose?

Advertised over-the-counter options have limited results. In fact, Consumer Reports says, “Don’t expect extreme results,” and “it’s hard to say how long the whitening effects last.” They also report discomfort from ill fitting trays that prevent teeth from getting contact with the whitening agents, and excess gel oozing out and down the throat. Then there’s the sensitivity issue  that occurs with unsupervised whitening. So, while it may be cheap, are the results worth it? 

We don’t think so and that’s why we’re offering a teeth whitening consultation at Smile The Spa. Dr. Terra will evaluate your case based on your individual needs and expectations. He will look at the current shade of your teeth, your goal shade, sensitivity issues, and habits like coffee, wine, and tobacco consumption. From there Dr. Terra will create a custom plan for your whitening treatment.

At Smile The Spa we use the most effective teeth whitening methods. These methods give guaranteed results.

So, don’t wonder what’s best, talk to Dr. Terra to find out. Schedule your whitening consultation below.

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