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About Dr Terra

Dr Terra’s mission is to provide you with the most relaxed and attentive dentistry care you will find anywhere. He has had over 15 years experience of doing just that and his countless number of satisfied patients bear testimony to that fact.

Here at Smile The Spa we will treat you the patient and provide you with all the information about your needs so you can make informed decisions. Dr Terra understands that creating beautiful smiles has as much to do with your health as your appearance and part of his job is to educate you how these two things are connected so you realize the full benefit of your treatment.

The field of dentistry has and continues to make significant technological advancements and with Dr Terra you have full access to what is available so you always receive the best possible care.

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Spa-Like Environment

Surroundings are vital to your overall experience here at Smile The Spa and we take great care to ensure everything is geared towards bringing you the best result imaginable.

Doctor Terra working with hi-tech dental equipment in Smile The Spa

Latest Technology

Keeping up with the latest technology is a big part of ensuring the highest quality service is being continually delivered to you. From laser technology to digital imaging it is all essential to creating the highest level results for you.

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Keeping You Informed

It is not enough for us to have all the answers. We continually update you with the latest information through our video channel including our TV series, Smile The Show.

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